First Aid Training / Trauma Management Training

The core of our work evolves around working with employers and interested groups, to deliver up to date training in the core modules of first aid. For information about these courses, please refer to the “Courses” page for information.


We strive to provide our clients with an interesting, engaging and challenging educational experience.


Specialist Course Development

Many employers, particularly in specialist industries require response skills and training which can sit outside of the

standard first aid training delivered to the public. We have the ability to consult with these customers and often develop course content which helps meet their needs in relation to those needs.


Call and talk to us if you have specialist needs, and we will be happy to assist in meeting those requirements where able to do so.


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First aid Competition Design and Implementation

We have been involved in the design and running of First Aid competitions to the mining and power industries.


From concept, to design and implementation of interesting, relevant and challenging scenarios which are designed to not only test the effectiveness of your response teams, but also with the professional feedback provided by our adjudicators, your teams will learn as well.


The benefit of assessing and reviewing your organisations emergency response capability and performance is not only required in legislation, but it is also good practice for the responders.


Challenge days are not only good for learning, they are fun and give you a chance to compare your capabilities against those of people in like businesses.


If this interests you, and you see the obvious benefit of these activities, then please give us a call to see if it suits your needs.

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